Cosmetic Dentistry

Restoring Your Smile’s Beauty in Tulsa, OK

The beauty of the smile is an important part of a person’s self-confidence, and many procedures that improve the appearance of teeth also benefit their health. As such, Dr. Walter Davies has a selection of services meant to help you improve the aesthetic qualities of your smile. Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa provides cosmetic dental services to the people of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and the surrounding communities.

Aesthetic Restoration Options

One of the main aesthetic services our practice offers are dental restorations made of porcelain instead of metal. Porcelain withstands the everyday pressures of chewing and speaking while also resembling the appearance of a healthy tooth. Restorations made of porcelain instead of metal easily blend into a smile.

Mainly, Dr. Davies provides porcelain crowns to protect decayed and injured teeth. These crowns support the strength of the teeth and prevent bacteria or decay from reaching the internal systems. However, if one or more teeth have been lost, he can also provide porcelain fixed bridges to serve as permanent replacements. If a bridge will not suffice, our dentist can place partial and full dentures as well.

Some patients need their teeth restored not for health reasons, but instead for cosmetic reasons: minor chips and cracks in the tooth, spacing issues, and internal discoloration. To serve these needs, Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa also offers porcelain veneers and composite bonding.

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are one of the most effective ways to restore missing teeth, creating a uniformly beautiful and functional smile as a result. Our dentist can add the porcelain restoration necessary to complete the dental implant process. Once you have undergone the surgery necessary to place the implant post and have completed the healing process, Dr. Davies can use a porcelain crown, porcelain bridge, or full denture—depending upon how many teeth required replacement—to give your dental implants their visible, chewing surfaces.

Teeth Whitening

Not every patient needs to have their teeth reconstructed or replaced through a dental prosthesis. Some patients only need a brighter smile.

Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa offers teeth whitening products and services. For those that want to gradually develop a long-lasting, brighter smile or would like the convenience of brightening the smile as part of their own schedule, we offer a take-home treatment system. Alternatively, Dr. Davies offers professional-grade whitening treatments in office.

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