Family Dentistry in Tulsa, OK

Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa offers all families comprehensive and quality dental care. We meet the oral health needs of every patient from child to grandparent. Dr. Walter M. Davies, III and his team are compassionate, family oriented dental professionals dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of your family’s teeth and gums. From basic restorative treatments and professional cleanings to TMJ therapy and implant dentistry, we create beautiful, healthy smiles.

Catering to Young Smiles

 A healthy smile begins at a young age and having a positive first experience and family dentist can impact visits as they grow up. Our Tulsa family dentist is dedicated to our patients’ comfort in the chair and education on the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums. We understand our patients’ fears of visiting the dentist and do our best to use kid-friendly language and go over dental services to ease their anxiousness.

 We offer a variety of dental treatments that protect the smile such as tooth-colored filings and cavity treatments. Adult patients may require additional cleanings and crowns for major tooth decay if needed. Dr. Davies is a gentle dentist who provides local anesthetics and injections to ensure patient comfort. At Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa, we typically see patients as young as five years old and refer younger children to a trusted local pediatric dentist.

 Creating Beautiful Smiles that Last

 For parents, adults, and grandparents, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your smile. We help you maintain your teeth and gums by utilizing the latest technology in the field of dentistry and modern techniques. By taking the time to visit the dentist for return appointments, patients can prevent furthering their dental issues. Dr. Davies provides necessary dental treatments as well as cosmetic services such as Opalescence teeth whitening to create smiles that are not only beautiful but healthy.

 Restorative services are our Tulsa dentist’s passion. We take pride in being detail-oriented with creating our prosthetics to ensure a perfect fit. We offer aesthetic materials such as porcelain and ceramics to enhance the look of your smile while protecting your teeth.

 Patients who have been losing their teeth may look towards implant dentistry and traditional prosthetics such as partials and dentures. We restore and place dental implants in some cases, but usually, recommend a trusted periodontist who specializes in this treatment.

 Healthy gums mean healthy teeth, and for patients with periodontal disease, we utilize a soft tissue laser that can eradicate bacteria and recreate your gum line. Gum disease treatment and maintenance restore the look and health of your smile.

 Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Tulsa

 For more information about how Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa can enhance and maintain you and your family’s oral health, contact our Tulsa office today to schedule your next dental visit.